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About Us

We officially opened our doors to our four paw family in June of 2021. We are a small family owned dog grooming salon, boutique store and indoor daycare located in Queanbeyan, NSW. We are only 10 minutes from Canberra Airport and 25 minutes from Gungahlin. 

Hilde and Sarah are a mother daughter duo fully qualified in the art of dog grooming.
Completing a certificate from the AIPG (Australian Institute of Pet Grooming) and from 'The Grooming School'.
Christine Speerin is the owner of 'The Grooming School' located in Newcastle, NSW and is regarded as one of the top groomer training schools in Australia.
Christine is also a master groomer, international grooming judge, and was a consultant for the show Pooch Perfect recently. Sarah has a passion for poodles and Hilde specialises in Terrier breeds.
Along with an amazing team of highly skilled 
stylists, Shannon and Brylee, we aim to amaze every owner - every groom.
Shannon has a love for shihtzu's and is know for her perfect oddle teddy bear face's and asian fusion styled grooms.
Brylee is a sucker for Pomeranians, loves a poodle breed trim and delivers beautifully styled grooms. 

The truth is for most dogs, going to groomer can be a stressful experience. We aim to change the way owners and dogs approach grooming with a 'less fear more fun' attitude. Every dog deserves to have a have an enjoyable groom every time! After all most breeds need a clip every 5-8 weeks of their life. For us the groom process doesn't start on the table...or the bath! We take lots of time to let your dog settle, meet our staff one on one, and have a play in the daycare yards before we start the groom. This way we can create trust and a positive mood which will set the tone for the rest of the session. We do take a little longer than the average groomer but we promise you it is worth it for your dogs happiness, We take short breaks throughout the groom to allow for toilet breaks, cuddles and treats. 

Lets bring some fun back to grooming - no dawg should ever fear their groomer!
Not your average grooming salon
Our Promise

Our vision for The Dawg Studio is that all dog owners will view the studio as a place where your dog will be loved, cared for and pampered. We promise to treat each dog as an individual and never judge a dog based on breed, size or past.
We promise to use our training to deliver fantastic grooms each time, and continue to learn new techniques and skills.
We will tailor our services to each dogs needs, both mental and physical.

We envision our indoor daycare facility to be a safe place for all dogs to play, socialise and spend their day with positive interactions, both with our staff and other dogs. We promise that we will provide you and your dog with personal touches, trusted relationships and honest feedback.
Most importantly, is the promise to our canine clients. To our four legged family, we promise to listen, be patient and gentle. We hope to build special bonds based on trust and positive experiences. We will ensure that your mental and physical needs are our priority and preach our moto humanity over vanity!

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