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Customer Reviews

Best dog groomers I have met!! Absolutely take the time to get to know your dog, and Bailey loves it there!!! Have already rebooked for the next few months.

Bailey's Mum

Our precious pooch absolutely loves going to The Dawg Studio. He comes home happy, dry and doesn't smell. The entire Staff spend 1 on 1 time with all of Pups. All of the Pups can see the Staff at all times, and get to play all day. We recommend The Dawg Studio to everyone. 10 out of 10 from us

Bailey's Mum

I couldn't be happier with the Dawg Studio, such a lovely team and my dog didn't want to leave. We will definitely be coming back!

Ponting's Mum

The team at The Dawg Studio really went above and beyond to make Bentley’s first grooming experience enjoyable! The staff were super friendly, professional and did an excellent job with the groom. We’ll definitely be back

Bentley's Mum

received_3659231547635630 (1).jpeg

Super friendly and professional team. The girls were very caring, considerate and made sure my pooch had a great time. She came back looking and smelling like a million bucks!

Can’t wait to come back!

Glasgow's Mum

Frank would like to thank everyone at The Dawg Studio!!!

Sarah is amazing and was so gentle and caring towards Frank.

Thank you everyone and Frank can't wait to come back again!!!

Frank's Mum

We cannot thank you enough for looking after Mack! He has the best time and gets so excited when he is on his way. . . he also slept for two days straight last time! I don't think he stops running the whole time he's with you . . . a very very happy boy!!

Max had the best time at The Dawg Studio. Friendly staff who did a great groom and seemed to love Max as much as we do! Plus there ability to spend the day playing with other dogs. Great place!

Max's Mum

Mack's Mum


Sarah, Hilde and Abbie have created a sanctuary for your best friend, a fun and caring place where dogs are treated like royalty. We can't recommend you enough, thank you, Shannon, Grizzelle and Violet xx

Thank you the Dawg Studio for another fantastic groom! Billy always comes home looking and smelling beautiful and is often tired from running around with other dogs all day. The team are so lovely, knowledgeable and Billy adores them.

I highly recommend this place.

I took my Frankie for his first ever grooming session. Friendly and helpful service. Made me and Frankie feel welcome and at ease.

Thank you :)

Grizzelle & Violet's Mum

Billy's Mum

Frankie's Mum

Woof was washed, blown dry, brushed and shined looking like he loved every minute of the attention.

Woof's Mum


My puppy Louie spent the day at The Dawg Studio and did the puppy intro day. He had the best time playing with the other dogs and is looking so pretty from his little glam day The Dawg Studio were so friendly and we can't wait to go back for our next visit! Louie is already on his bed napping from his big day

Frankie's Mum

My supremely huge dog is terrified of running water and we’ve had SO much trouble finding someone who can manage him. He would never hurt anyone either but is super strong and determined to escape!). Today He visited The Dawg Studio and came home clean and happy and apparently behaved really well! I love the fact that they don’t run like a factory, but take the time to get the dog adjusted and get to know them… Highly recommend!

Grub's Mum

Would absolutely recommend! I have a very squirmy and anxious pup and he had the best time ever! He was greeted with so much love and the groomers ensured that a trusted connection was made with my pup before anything else happened. This meant instant cuddles and kisses as soon as we arrived so that my pup knew it was a safe place. I was shown around the entire complex with all aspects explained so that I knew where my pup would be at all time. The way the employees talk to the pups is with so much love and respect. The pups there are matches with others based on behaviour and all rooms are monitored constantly. I was so so impressed with the service and groom itself! As a mumma who is very protective of her pup I will absolutely be going here again! 10/10 would recommend

Theo's Mum


I have taken each of my two dogs to the Dawg studio on a number of occasions now and I couldn’t be happier. Normally, my doggos hate water and being bathed or groomed. But, the staff at the Dawg Studio clearly have such a genuine love of dogs, I felt totally comfortable leaving my babies in their hands.
Unlike the vet, after their first visit to the Dawg Studio, the boys have been happy to return to the Dawg Studio for their groom. Each time we have picked them up, they are perky and happy with the staff there which is such a relief. It’s really good to have a groomer who you can trust and who you know cares about dogs.

This mother daughter duo are the best in the business. Our babies love going for the regular bath and deshed as well as having the option to stay for daycare and play with some friends. These ladies are the BEST we can’t wait to see you guys again soon

Barney, Cassie and Roxy's Mum


Peanut and Harvey's Mum


We highly recommend The Dawg Studio My partner and I did some research before deciding on a doggy day care for our Bailey boy. Aside from their excellent services plus the dog boutique, they really got to know Bailey and remembered him by name (after only one visit) and took such good care of him so we just keep coming back now! The Dawg team also assist with any general advice, help with questions or where to go to seek further information BUT what makes this studio so extra special is the amazing staff who are so friendly, welcoming and they really love their jobs, and love the dogs that come into the studio. Bailey is always super excited to see the staff when he goes for doggy daycare or a groom it’s all an exciting experience for him and the staff are just as excited to see him too! It's hard to place your full trust into a business to go above and beyond with your fur baby, but we are so grateful we found the Dawg Studio, it's been one of the best decisions we've made for Bailey Boy Bailey recently celebrated his first birthday with the Dawg team and his doggy friends.

Bailey's Mum


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